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Michelin 2016

Monday december 7th, the new stars were anounced.

New stars

Up to 2 Stars

Restaurant De Groene Lantaarn, Zuidwolde (was 1 ster)

Up to 1 star

Bilderberg Landgoed Lauswolt De Heeren van Harinxma, Beetsterzwaag (was geen ster)
Strandlodge, Winterswijk (was geen ster)
Restaurant De Swarte Ruijter, Holten (was geen ster)
Restaurant Aan de Zweth, Schipluiden (was geen ster)
Restaurant Zarzo, Eindhoven (was geen ster)
Restaurant Joelia, Rotterdam (was geen ster)
Hotel Restaurant Landgoed Het Roode Koper, Leuvenum (was geen ster)

Lost stars

No stars were lost this year

Below the complete list of Michelin restaurants

All Michelin Star Restaurants of the Netherlands

3 stars 2 stars 1 star

3 stars

De Leest / Leest

Restaurant De Leest, Vaassen

French; SMD: € 46,00; 3 sterren

Restaurant De Librije / Librije

Restaurant De Librije, Zwolle

French, Dutch, Regional; SMD: € 140,00; 3 sterren

2 stars

De Bokkedoorns / Bokkedoorns

Restaurant De Bokkedoorns, Overveen

French; SMD: € 80,00; 2 sterren

FG Restaurant

FG Restaurant, Rotterdam

International, French; SMD: € 45,00; 2 sterren


Bord'Eau, Amsterdam

French, International, Organic; 2 sterren

Recently Michelin star awarded Bord'Eau offers a culinary adventure directed by Executive Chef Richard van Oostenbrugge and Sous Chef Thomas Groot. Ex...

&samhoud places restauran / &samhoud places restaurant

&samhoud places restaurant, Amsterdam

International; SMD: € 119,00; 2 sterren

The two Michelin star restaurant is seated on the second floor. Moshik translates his emotions and inspiration, gained at his journeys, into spectacul...

Inter Scaldes

Restaurant Inter Scaldes, Kruiningen

French, Seafood; 2 sterren


Restaurant Chapeau!, Bloemendaal

French, International; SMD: € 55,00; 2 sterren

Aan de Poel

Restaurant Aan de Poel, Amstelveen

International, French; SMD: € 65,00; 2 sterren

Best terraced restaurant in Holland. We are in the top 100 of food bible. Lekker and Gault Millau highly recommends us with 16 points...

De Kromme Watergang / Kromme Watergang Restaurant met Suites

De Kromme Watergang Restaurant met Suites, Hoofdplaat

French, International, Regional; SMD: € 35,00; 2 sterren

Librije's Zusje

Restaurant Librije's Zusje, Amsterdam

French; 2 sterren

Where the country meets the city and where gastronomy and hospitality combine. Located on the lower ground floor of Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, with be...


Restaurant Boreas, Heeze

French; SMD: € 99,00; 2 sterren

De Groene Lantaarn / Groene Lantaarn

Restaurant De Groene Lantaarn, Zuidwolde

French; SMD: € 45,00; 2 sterren

De Treeswijkhoeve / Treeswijkhoeve

Restaurant De Treeswijkhoeve, Waalre

Mediterranean, French, Dutch; SMD: € 59,00; 2 sterren


Restaurant Parkheuvel, Rotterdam

French; SMD: € 55,00; 2 sterren

't Nonnetje / Nonnetje

Restaurant 't Nonnetje, Harderwijk

French, International, Organic; SMD: € 55,00; 2 sterren


Restaurant Beluga, Maastricht

International; SMD: € 65,00; 2 sterren

Da Vinci

Restaurant Da Vinci, Maasbracht

French, Regional; SMD: € 50,00; 2 sterren

De Lindenhof / Lindenhof

Restaurant De Lindenhof, Giethoorn

International; SMD: € 99,00; 2 sterren

De Lindehof / Lindehof

Restaurant De Lindehof, Nuenen

International; SMD: € 82,50; 2 sterren

1 star

FG Food Labs

FG Food Labs, Rotterdam

International, French; SMD: € 45,00; 1 ster


Restaurant ML, Haarlem

French, International; SMD: € 55,00; 1 ster


Restaurant Koriander, Drachten

French, Dutch; SMD: € 55,00; 1 ster


Huis ter Duin, Restaurant Latour, Noordwijk

French, International, Burgundian; SMD: € 59,50; 1 ster

Restaurant Latour is Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin's prestigious a la carte restaurant and proud owner of a Michelin star. The restaurant is located at th...

Bridges, inspired by Ron  / Bridges, inspired by Ron Blaauw

Bridges, inspired by Ron Blaauw, Amsterdam

Seafood, French, Hollands; SMD: € 69,00; 1 ster

Fish is important at Bridges. We offer you a broad selection of fresh fish and seafruit, in our restaurant and in the Raw Bar.

Ratatouille Food & Wine

Ratatouille Food & Wine, Haarlem

French, International; SMD: € 33,95; 1 ster


NH Barbizon Palace, Restaurant Vermeer, Amsterdam

modern european, Organic, Mediterranean; SMD: € 100,00; 1 ster

Kaagjesland Smaakt

Restaurant Kaagjesland Smaakt, Reeuwijk

International, French; SMD: € 42,50; 1 ster


Restaurant Basiliek, Harderwijk

Dutch, Organic, French; SMD: € 55,00; 1 ster


Strandlodge, Winterswijk

French, International, modern european; SMD: € 34,50; 1 ster

Ron Gastrobar

Ron Gastrobar, Amsterdam

modern european, International; 1 ster

De Burgemeester / Burgemeester

Restaurant De Burgemeester, Linschoten

Mediterranean, Italian, French; SMD: € 50,00; 1 ster

't Vlasbloemeken / Vlasbloemeken

Restaurant 't Vlasbloemeken, Koewacht

French, Regional; SMD: € 54,00; 1 ster

't Lansink / Lansink

Tuindorphotel & Restaurant 't Lansink, Hengelo

French, Dutch; SMD: € 40,00; 1 ster


Restaurant Bretelli, Weert

Mediterranean, French, International; SMD: € 65,00; 1 ster


Restaurant Sinne, Amsterdam

French, Italian, Mediterranean; 1 ster

De Karpendonkse Hoeve / Karpendonkse Hoeve

Restaurant De Karpendonkse Hoeve, Eindhoven

French, Dutch; SMD: € 50,00; 1 ster


Restaurant Amarone, Rotterdam

Mediterranean, French; 1 ster

in de Molen / In de Molen

Restaurant In de Molen, Onderdendam

French, International; SMD: € 39,50; 1 ster


Restaurant Spetters, Breskens

International, Bistro; SMD: € 20,00; 1 ster

Mijn Keuken

Restaurant Mijn Keuken, Wouw

French, Seafood; SMD: € 47,00; 1 ster

HanTing Cuisine

Restaurant HanTing Cuisine, Den Haag

Chinese, French, Oriental; 1 ster

. Chef Han merges the Oriental and French kitchens with one another. Han doesn’t just borrow famous ingredients from both worlds but he also combine...

SchultenHues / Schulten Hues

Restaurant 't Schulten Hues, Zutphen

Regional, French, All inclusive; SMD: € 50,00; 1 ster


Restaurant Apicius, Bakkum

French, Mediterranean; SMD: € 50,00; 1 ster

Bij Jef

Restaurant Bij Jef, Den Hoorn

French, Mediterranean; SMD: € 75,00; 1 ster

At “Jef” you don’t just go for dinner, instead you get to enjoy being pampered. Each dish is honest, excelling in classical simplicity.

Cheval Blanc

Restaurant Cheval Blanc, Heemstede

French, Dutch, International; SMD: € 60,00; 1 ster

Wolfslaar Restaurant

Wolfslaar Restaurant, Breda

International, Organic; SMD: € 48,50; 1 ster

De Hoefslag / Hoefslag

Restaurant De Hoefslag, Bosch en Duin

French; SMD: € 65,00; 1 ster

Blok's Restaurant

Blok's Restaurant, Amersfoort

International, Organic, Seafood; SMD: € 50,00; 1 ster

't Raedthuys / Raedthuys

Restaurant 't Raedthuys, Duiven

French; SMD: € 85,00; 1 ster

De Nederlanden / Nederlanden

De Nederlanden, Vreeland

French; SMD: € 57,50; 1 ster

Hotel Restaurant De Nederlanden is situated in a typically Dutch location on the River Vecht in Vreeland. The easy access, only 5 minutes from the A2 ...


Restaurant Sense, Den Bosch

French; SMD: € 39,50; 1 ster


Restaurant Aubergine, Steyl

French, Regional, Dutch; SMD: € 43,50; 1 ster

Aubergine is known for it's fine dining.
Delicious authentic dishes of French cuisine with a modern twist.

Le Restaurant / Restaurant

Le Restaurant, Amsterdam

French, International, Organic; SMD: € 75,00; 1 ster

La Rive / Rive

(Amstel Hotel) La Rive, Amsterdam

French, Mediterranean, International; SMD: € 100,00; 1 ster


Restaurant Zarzo, Eindhoven

modern european, Organic; SMD: € 35,00; 1 ster

Landhuishotel Bloemenbeek / Bloemenbeek

Landhuishotel & Restaurant De Bloemenbeek, De Lutte

French, Mediterranean, Regional; SMD: € 45,00; 1 ster

Het Koetshuis / Koetshuis

Restaurant Het Koetshuis, Bennekom

International, French, Vegetarian; SMD: € 57,50; 1 ster

O Mundo

Hotel de Wereld, Restaurant O Mundo, Wageningen

modern european; SMD: € 39,50; 1 ster


Restaurant Katseveer, Wilhelminadorp

International; SMD: € 42,00; 1 ster

De Zwaan / Zwaan

Restaurant De Zwaan, Etten-Leur

French, Dutch, International; SMD: € 59,50; 1 ster


Restaurant Élevé, Leeuwarden

International, Regional; SMD: € 30,00; 1 ster

Wiesen Restaurant

Wiesen Restaurant, Eindhoven

International; 1 ster

Tout à Fait

Restaurant Tout à Fait, Maastricht

French, Burgundian; SMD: € 83,00; 1 ster


Suitehotel | Restaurant Posthoorn, Monnickendam

French, International, Mediterranean; SMD: € 60,00; 1 ster

Onder de Linden

Herberg Onder de Linden, Aduard

French; SMD: € 55,00; 1 ster

Sazanka Teppanyaki Restau / Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka

Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka, Amsterdam

Japanese, Teppan Yaki, Asian; 1 ster


Restaurant Calla's, Den Haag

International, French, Seafood; SMD: € 42,50; 1 ster


Hotel - Restaurant Merlet, Schoorl

French, International; SMD: € 40,00; 1 ster


Restaurant Soigné, Bussum

French, Mediterranean; 1 ster

Restaurant Wollerich, Sint-Oedenrode

French, International; SMD: € 60,00; 1 ster

Château Neercanne / Neercanne

Château Neercanne, Maastricht

French; SMD: € 75,00; 1 ster

La Trinité / Trinité

Restaurant La Trinité, Sluis

French, Belgian, Japanese; SMD: € 30,00; 1 ster

Kasteel Heemstede

Restaurant Kasteel Heemstede, Houten

French, Mediterranean; SMD: € 66,00; 1 ster


Restaurant Lastage, Amsterdam

French, Dutch, Mediterranean; SMD: € 43,00; 1 ster


Restaurant Vinkeles, Amsterdam

International, French; SMD: € 105,00; 1 ster

De Bokkepruik / Bokkepruik

Hotel-Restaurant De Bokkepruik, Hardenberg

French, Dutch, Mediterranean; SMD: € 59,50; 1 ster

ONE / One

Restaurant One, Roermond

Organic, International, Dutch; SMD: € 59,00; 1 ster

Culinary creations inspired by journeys. Experience gained in top restaurants. Flavors from afar. Regional products. Beautiful wines. Craftsmanship. L...

De Moerbei / Moerbei

Restaurant De Moerbei, Warmond

French, International; SMD: € 55,00; 1 ster

Yamazato Restaurant

Yamazato Restaurant, Amsterdam

Japanese, Asian; 1 ster

De Heer Kocken / Heer Kocken

Restaurant De Heer Kocken, Vught

Japanese, French, Italian; SMD: € 45,00; 1 ster

La Provence / Provence

Restaurant La Provence, Driebergen

French, Mediterranean, Provençal; SMD: € 60,00; 1 ster

De Gieser Wildeman / Gieser Wildeman

Restaurant De Gieser Wildeman, Noordeloos

French; SMD: € 69,00; 1 ster

Avant-Garde Van Groeninge / Avant-Garde van Groeninge

Restaurant Avant-Garde van Groeninge, Eindhoven

French, Hollands; SMD: € 40,00; 1 ster


Restaurant Perceel, Capelle aan den IJssel

French, International, Organic; 1 ster

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